Home School Life Journal

Home School Life Journal
"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales
painting by Katie Bergenholtz

Summer Bucket List for Families

June 21:Tie Dye Party
June 22: Decorate Walking Sticks
June 23: Letterboxing

June 24: Glow Stick Man

June 30: Summer Watermelon Treat Packets

July 1: Seafood Boil at Home

July 2: Make a Zoom "Ball"

July 3: Fizzy Explosion Bags

July 4: Make Red, White and Blue Firecracker Jello Cups

July 5: Operation Rescue Super Heroes

July 6: Make a Mini Mint Garden

July 7: Make Your Own Gem Mine

July 8: Make Ladybug Cookies

July 9: Take a Firefly Walk

July 10: Make a Windsock

July 11: Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Homemade Ice Cream Maker

July 12: Make a Watermelon Cake

July 13: Make a Solar S'mores Maker

July 14: Make a Balloon Rocket

July 15: Make an Edible Sand Dessert

July 16: Make a Watermelon Picnic Blanket or Tablecloth

July 17: Make a Summer Journal

July 18: Play Pooh Sticks

July 19: Make a Strawberry Fizz

July 20: Do Suminagashi: The Art of Japanese Paper Marbling

July 21: Visit a Local Cultural Store
July 22: Make Bejeweled Goblets

July 23: Make a Watermelon Shark for Shark week.

July 24: Make ice cube boats.

July 25: Have Christmas in July.

July 26: Make an Ivory soap cloud.

July 27: Make Baby Bel umbrellas.

July 28: Make collage art.

July 29: Make cucumber boats.

July 30: Make sand dollar cookies.

July 31: Make a tea bag rocket.

August 1: Have a Bird Race

August 2: Make Beads

August 3: Make Dandelion Chains

August 4: Make Clothespin Dolls

August 5: Make a Dream Catcher

August 6: Make a Giant Bubble Wand

August 7: Make Coffee Can Stilts

August 8: Make Cosmic Sponge Balls

August 9: Make Twig and Maple Seed Dragonflies

August 10: Paint with Bubbles

August 11: Make Juice Box Boats

August 12: Make Firefly Lanterns

August 13: Make Potato Prints on Fabric

August 14: Make Campfire Sundaes

August 15: Climb

August 16: Make Magic Color Changing Drinks

August 17: Go to a Pick-Your-Own Place

August 18: Make a Watermelon Slushie

August 19: Make Cloud Parfaits

August 20: Make a Light-bulb Light up Without a Socket

August 21: Make Your Own Slime

exotic fruit tasting
August 22: Have an Exotic Fruit Tasting

August 23: Make a Sandcastle Treat

August 24: Make No-Sew T-Shirt Bags

August 25: Paint En Plein Air

August 26: Make a Mini Cream Pie Bar

August 27: Have a Home Movie Night

August 28: Make Your Own Sushi

August 29: Make Your Own Gak

August 30: Make Plaintain Shooters

August 31: Make Bird Puppets

September 1: Watercolor & Crayon Resist Leaves

September 2: Butterflies for Lunch
Simple Beach Keepsake Craft
September 3: Make a Beach Memories Keeper

September 4: Have a Labor Day Cookout